About Us

About Us



The Centerville church of Christ is a group of believers who share a common salvation in Jesus Christ. It is our goal to glorify God and honor Christ in all that we do. Therefore, we seek to live, worship, and love one another just as God directs in His holy word; the Bible. Together we pool our abilities and resources to accomplish the work God authorizes us to do while being autonomous and functioning independently from other congregations and organizations.


Christ is our head, and we are His body. Therefore, we recognize no other man, group of men or governing body as possessing legislative power in matters of church organization or doctrine.



Having no man-made creed to follow, we are governed in faith and conduct by the Bible alone.  We accept the Bible as being verbally inspired and infallibly correct in its content. Consequently, when the Bible speaks on any given subject, we accept its pronouncement as the word of God and our only authority.  When the Bible is silent on a subject, we believe we are not authorized to act.



Our congregation assembles twice each Sunday to worship God.  During our worship, we sing, pray, partake of the Lord’s Supper, hear the Gospel proclaimed, and give monetarily to God. While our visitors are always welcome to participate in our services, it is not our aim to solicit their money. What we truly desire is to teach them what God’s word has to say about the salvation of their soul.

On Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, we provide Bible classes for all ages. Our classes are well organized, well prepared, age-appropriate, and centered on the Scriptures. All are welcome and encouraged to come and study God’s word on these occasions.



Following the New Testament pattern, we have elders who closely oversee the spiritual affairs of our congregation.  We also have deacons who work hard to serve the physical needs of the local body.  Our preacher is neither a pastor nor an elder.  He is simply a man who has dedicated his life to proclaiming God’s word to the lost and helping to edify our congregation of believers.

Our Elders

Rick Baldwin

Jeff Vincent



As a congregation, we financially support our local evangelist, as well as other preachers throughout the world, in order to aid them in their efforts to proclaim the Gospel message. We also conduct gospel meetings at various times of the year, publish spiritual material on the internet, and offer home Bible studies, as well as Bible correspondence courses, to anyone interested.

Our Preacher

Jared Bollman

Jared and his wife Lauren came to Centerville in May of 2014 and live here in the community with their young son Will.  Jared has been preaching since the late '90s, working with congregations in Mexia and for 13 years with the Green's Bayou congregation in Houston, Texas.  He is a firm believer in evangelism and considers assisting the brethren here in their efforts to take the Gospel to the community to be his primary obligation. He keeps regular office hours Monday-Thursday, whether at the building or in his home, and is available for Bible studies in and around the community.  Jared can be reached at 713-870-5093