Our Theme for the Year

Always Faithful

Our theme for 2018 embraces the promise given by Jesus in Revelation 2:10 " Be faithful to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life." Many of our lessons, classes, readings, and articles will feature this theme in some way. As a congregation of the Lord's people, we seek to faithfully adhere to the message of scripture, faithfully observe all that He commands, faithfully teach the gospel leading others to Him, and faithfully serve in the Kingdom of God our Father and His Christ.

Join us as we try to walk more faithfully with our Master.

How to Study Your Bible

This Thursday night study is open to members and visitors. Every week we meet in the home of Jared and Lauren Bollman with the aim of getting more from daily Bible study. Over the course of eight weeks, we'll look at the importance of theme, repeated words and phrases, context and exposition, and Bible Marking. Using passages from Matthew, 1st John, Romans, and Ephesians, we'll put each of these tools into practice.


Beginning this Sunday Nov.5 our times of Worship will be changing.

9:00 am Worship

10:00 am Bible Classes

11:00 am Worship 

We will be observing the Lord's supper in the 11:00 hour.