Services Suspended

A word from our elders

Dear Brethren,

As your elders, your safety is our concern, physically and spiritually. We have sent up prayers often that you and your extended families might be spared as you go through this trial with your families intact and your faith even stronger. May God allow this to be the case for all of us.

With great regret and heartache, we feel it is best to put off assembling together temporarily, with prayer and hope that God will allow us to assemble safely as soon as possible. We will work with Jared and our deacons to determine the best way to facilitate our preaching, prayers, singing, giving and the Lord’s Supper via live streaming or whatever we are able to put together. We will have more information for you Saturday

Brethren, stay close and as connected as possible during this hard time. Please pray for us as we make these difficult decisions that go against our grain and desire.

Thank you,
Rick and Jeff